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Hi, my name is David C. Hall, aka Potential Unlocked Guy. I am a Qualified Teacher of Science with over 11 years teaching experience in a range of learning environments.

I help people to learn seamlessly through our proven system. I have served as a learning coach to children, young people, child related practitioners, leaders in education and business leaders.

After a childhood special educational needs ‘dyslexia’ that left me an ‘underachiever’ (four years behind my peers) I created a proven system that significantly improved my academic performance and empowered me to achieve 5 grades about my original attainments. I have dedicated my life and my work to unlock potential in people to discover their newfound potential, improved academic performance, greater contentment and a sense of purpose.

I am best-selling author of The Empowering Parent. A book designed to give parents and child related practitioners cutting edge strategies that will unlock potential in children and young people. To not only achieve the grades they deserve, but to have a career they can be proud of whilst making a difference.

My burning passion and vocation is to coach other to unlock their potential and live a life that is aligned to their gifts and talents. I will reveal to you the strategies and tools needed that will leave you feeling empowered, enriched, retain information, read faster and build a career that you were purposed to do.

As your coach, I will show you my possibility thinking blueprint that will empower you to attain goals that you once thought were impossible. I will share cutting edge strategies that will raise your academic or professional performance.